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In 1993 my wife Denise was diagnosed with lupus after giving birth to our son and soon developed kidney failure and spent years on dialysis. Denise had a deceased donor transplant and during that period, I proposed to her on her 40th birthday. Unfortunately, our happiness was short lived when a virus attacked Denise’s donated kidney, sadly she was back on dialysis. Denise and I had discussed living donation,
I donated one of my kidneys through the 3-way kidney swap scheme. We were the first to take part in this pioneering operation in the UK on July 25th, 2018, and it was a success. Knowing my wife has a better quality of life brings me, our son, family, and friends so much joy and happiness.


On the 4th of March 2004 I donated a kidney to my mum, prior to this mum had received a kidney from my elder sister but after several years it failed. If I’m completely honest it wasn’t a second thought, I had been in this position before but at a much younger age. Opting to be the donor was not a scary as it may seem. There is no way to predict the future, but I knew the future would be a brighter and happier place with mum around.Fast forward to 2022 and mum is still going strong!


I embarked on a journey that for many people from the black community would be unthinkable. In 2017 at St Georges Hospital, I donated a kidney to Hayley my wife through the kidney sharing scheme. I was not a match for Hayley but when I found out about the kidney sharing scheme (KSS) I put myself forward. It was the best decision I have ever made. Seeing my wife enjoy life again is fantastic. No more dialysis! We can travel and now do all the normal things married couples do.


What inspired me to donate to my brother was, the simple fact that I didn’t want to see him go through dialysis, I could help make his life better and of course I wanted him to be able to have a full life with his young children. We grew up in Dulwich, Southeast London, in a loving, caring, and nurturing family. Our parents instilled in us the importance of family and would always tell us don’t fight with your brother or sister; they will end up being your best friend’. They were indeed right.