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About Us

About Us

The Black Living Donor Choir was formed in 2022 by Dela Idowu the founder of Gift of Living Donation (GOLD) as a creative platform to raise awareness of living donation in the Black community. The power of music will allow us to reach a wide and diverse population with our message.

We want Black patients to live their best lives now through living donation and avoid needing dialysis. As a choir we are a visible representation that Black people do donate!

We are on a mission

We are on a mission to encourage the Black community to talk about living donation as it is life changing for Black people living with kidney failure. We hope our personal stories of living donation will inspire others to donate.

What drives our passion?

People from the Black community are 5 times more likely to develop kidney failure and wait longer for a kidney transplant than other communities, we want to use our voices to change this and see more Black kidney patients  have a living donor transplant.