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When I was told my daughter had kidney failure and would need dialysis, I was absolutely heartbroken, she had been through so much and this was the last straw.
My daughter initially had dialysis at New Cross dialysis unit, but in order to look after her children she changed to home dialysis. Whilst back on dialysis after having a failed deceased kidney transplant she was advised to think about living donation, when she told me I immediately put myself forward. After numerous tests I was found to be a perfect match. There were a few last minute cancellations but the transplant finally went ahead. It was a successful transplant, my daughter was absolutely glowing when I met her the next day, and she looked as if she had been for a spa treatment. Living donation transformed my daughter’s life!


When my dad Derrick was diagnosed with kidney failure, even though I was only 20-year I stepped in to become his living kidney donor rather than see him spend years on dialysis. I went through a series of rigorous physical and psychological tests before I successfully donated to my dad in November 2019.
It has been absolutely life changing for him and the whole family. I am so glad I was able to give him the gift of life.


When my young daughter was diagnosed with kidney failure, I was devastated and felt helpless until I was told that I could be her living donor and donate one of my kidneys. It was an easy decision and I was overjoyed when I was told I was compatible. But sadly the kidney failed and my daughter had to go on dialysis. As a family we were heartbroken but we never regretted the decision in fact it was the best decision I have ever made and although my kidney only lasted a short time, every second it worked inside my daughter was worth it!


I am what they call an altruistic donor, it means I donated one of my kidneys to a stranger, that exactly what Lloyd was, I met him for the first time at my sister’s wedding , he was my brother in law’s best friend. Lloyd had kidney failure and needed a transplant, both my sister and brother in law came forward to be tested as living donors, but were not compatible, when I heard I thought why not go and get tested, everyone thought I was crazy after all he was not family , he was not even a friend!! Once I found out I was compatible nothing could stop my decision; I was willing to help somebody to live better and to have back his hope. We are both doing amazingly well, and I’m proud of what I did.