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Our Story

We are ordinary Black men and women who made the decision to improve the quality of life for loved ones, friends and even strangers by donating one of our kidneys.

We took a risk and had an operation we didn’t need. We are wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, husbands, fathers, friends and brothers. We are proud to be Black living donors!


My inspiration to donate was my late sister Paulina. In 2016 she needed a kidney transplant, I went through the assessment process, but I couldn’t donate. In December 2017, my son Daniel, who has diabetes developed kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant.I went through the assessment process again, by this time my health had improved, and I could donate, I was overjoyed and reminded that ‘all things happen for a reason. In April 2018 two days before his birthday my son received a new kidney, my spare kidney, and it’s still going strong.


I offered donated my kidney to my brother because he had polycystic kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant. He asked me if I could be his donor, I said yes, no questions asked, I wanted to give my brother a new lease of life. Now he is happy and healthy I’m pleased to have been his living donor.


It was simply the right thing to do! I had two, my husband needed one! I could live perfectly well without, so why not give him the Gift of Life! It also was a gift to my children and the family. We have been able to enjoy spending quality time together since Wayne has been healthy. No more long hours spent on dialysis and him feeling totally drained. Those days may return, we know this. However, for now we are living our best life!


Donating a kidney may be one of the most important decisions you make in your life, and it takes sacrifice and courage. Offering to become my brother’s living donor was a natural thing for me to do, it was a no brainer! But unfortunately, I was told that my health maybe at risk. Though disappointed I wanted to turn my pain into something positive, I founded Gift of Living Donation, to raise awareness of living donation in the black community so that more black people affected by kidney failure can have a living donor kidney transplant.