The Black living donor choir during their interview with the team from ITV News talk about why they are the Voice of the Community and the importance of sharing their stories to inspire others.

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The Black Living Donor Choir use the power of music and the sharing of their donor stories to entertain, educate and encourage conversations of living donation in the Black community.

Briana Bene releases song on WKD in support of kidney recipients.

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Amplifying Living Donation Awareness

The Black living donor choir is an awareness initiative started by to raise awareness of living donation in the Black African Caribbean community.

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What People Say

The Black living donor choir are an incredible group of people who are passionate about improving the lives of black people living with kidney failure. I've heard them sing and have heard their stories, they are heartfelt, inspiring and honest. They need to take their message of living kidney donation nationally and internationally to encourage more black people to become living donors
Professor Nizam Mamode
The choir is a vibrant and visible platform to raise awareness of a very important topic that people in the black community are reluctant to talk about. Music is such a powerful medium that crosses all generations , it is a great initiative.
Shaun Wallace
Such a creative way to get the black community talking about living kidney donation. They have such a powerful message that every black person living with kidney failure needs to hear as it could literally save their life! We all relate to music and personal human stories the choir have been innovative and combined both. I support them 100%
Joselyn King